Rare Albino Crow Discovered In Connecticut

July 25, 2023

A rare albino crow has been spotted in Killingworth, Connecticut, leaving birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts in awe.

albino crow
Credit: A Place Called Hope / Facebook

The bird was brought to A Place Called Hope, a rehabilitation and education center for birds of prey.

"Every day is like an adventure when you work in the world of Wildlife Rehabilitation," the organization wrote in a Facebook post. "You just never know exactly what is about to come through the doors requiring help."

According to experts, an albino crow is 1 out of 30,000.

The rare fledgling was brought in after it was called "grounded" and "unable to fly," and possibly sustaining injuries.

albino crow
Credit: A Place Called Hope / Facebook

"Although our first round of x-rays are not revealing any obvious fractures, the bird is favoring a wing. The bird is also not seeing too well. One of our trusted Vets will do a thorough exam in the next few days. So, time will tell," the rescue said.

"In the meantime, we are extremely honored to be blessed by this rarity... and consider this bird to be a sacred symbolic messenger of trust, purification, healing, honesty, purity, clear vision, and overall good fortune. A Place Called Hope resonates with this message."

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