Woman Has Been Feeding The Same Family Of Foxes Every Morning For Over 25 Years

July 6, 2023

Sharon Hughes, 56, has been feeding the same family of foxes for 25 years in her garden in South Lanarkshire.

"We are now on the fourth generation of foxes. I remember feeding their great-grandparents," Sharon said.

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Sharon told the Sunday Mail she feeds the foxes sausages and sausage rolls every morning at her home.

They are also fed leftovers like pizza, eggs, Chinese takeaways and chicken legs.

And every one of the foxes has its own name, including Twisted, Little Ted, Charles and Dyson.

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Dyson got his name because he hoovers everything up.

Twisty got his name because his head is cocked on one side.

Charles got his name after he appeared for the first time on the day of the coronation.

"The foxes are very friendly and often bring us gifts like mice, which they leave on the doorstep," she said.

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