Employee Initiates Hilarious Plan To Win Office Fitbit Challenge

May 8, 2023

An employee came up with a great way to win the office Fitbit challenge.

As you probably know, Fitbit devices have sensors that can monitor your blood pressure, your pulse, your heart rate, and how many steps you take.

This office challenge was for who takes the most steps in a given time period.

"I am being forced into competing in a office Fitbit step challenge," the employee wrote on Reddit.

Then he posted this photo.

office fit bit challenge
Credit: u/ikareaboutyou on Reddit

His post received over 83,000 likes and thousands of comments.

"He will be greatly rewarded. I'll use the $200 first prize money to buy him toys," the employee added.

"If your dog is anything like mine, your co-workers are going to be alarmed that you sleep 23 hours a day," one user commented.

"And get 15,000 steps in the one hour he is awake," another user added.

Someone else chimed in to warn people not to use your cat for this challenge.

"I thought I'd be smart and tried this with one of my cats," he said. "I ended up with a lot less steps that day."

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