Black Bear Breaks Into Woman's Car, Guzzles 69 Cans Of Soda

April 19, 2023

A black bear broke into a woman's car and drank nearly 6 cases of soda, only leaving a few cans of diet cola untouched.

black bear drinks sodas

Sharon Rosel, from British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, was awakened by her dog barking at 3 a.m. last Thursday. She looked outside and saw a black bear near her car.

She watched the bear break through one of the car's windows with a noise that sounded "like a gunshot," Rosel told Coast Reporter.

He was after the cases of soda she had just purchased for her food truck business.

black bear drinks orange soda
Photo credit: Sharon Rosel

Rosel said she watched from her balcony for an hour and a half as the bear used its teeth to break open the cans and slurp their contents while making a huge mess in her car's interior.

The bear drank 69 of the 72 cans of soda, leaving behind only three diet sodas.

Rosel said it seemed to prefer the Orange Crush.

bear drinks sodas in car
Photo credit: Sharon Rosel

The black bear's antics were caught on Rosel's security camera. She posted a few photos to Facebook to encourage others in the area not to leave any food or drinks in the car.

"Do not underestimate their sense of smell," Rosel said. "We have to be bear aware. We have to live with them, and bears have memories."

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