Heartbreaking Video Of Dog Sitting Outside In The Rain Has Happy Ending

March 23, 2023

A lost dog in Malaysia has been reunited with her owner after a video of the pup went viral on TikTok.

lost dog reunion

In the video, posted by user JimJimmie, the dog can be seen sitting outside of a shop in Sembilan in the rain. According to the shop's owner, the dog had been sitting outside for four days straight.

@jimjimmie Replying to @ciktarusma Kesetiaan yg tiada penghujung. kesian dia😌 #anjingjalanan ♬ Kiss the Rain - Elise Bechstein

The video went viral and eventually reached the dog's owner, Vaani, who immediately reached out to JimJimmie.

Vaani said her dog, Bairava, had been missing for eight months after they were separated while Vaani was recovering from a sickness. According to Vaani, her family rescued the dog as a stray five years ago when Bairava was still a puppy.

Vaani said she and her family went on a month-long search for Bairava with no luck.

"I walked around the neighbourhood while screaming her name for a month. But I never saw her," she told SAYS.

After stumbling across the video, Vaani made the 3 mile drive to pick up Bairava. Vaani said she and her family were in tears when they were finally reunited with her after eight months.

"We were all crying and hugging," Vaani said.

lost puppy reunion
Vaani and Bairava / Credit: SAYS.com

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