Someone Actually Managed To 'Rick Roll' Rick Astley Himself

February 27, 2023

It all started when singer Rick Astley posted a photo of himself from his first tour in 1989.

rick Astley rick rolled

The photo, posted to Reddit, shows Rick on a bicycle in Las Vegas.

Rick commented to let folks know it was actually him -- which has been confirmed.

rick Astley rick rolled

One Reddit user saw the opportunity of a lifetime and took it.

theMalleableDuck was going to try and  "Rick Roll" Rick Astley himself.

He claimed he had met Astley backstage when he was 12 and posted a link presumably to a photo of the two of them at a concert.

rick Astley rick rolled

When Astley clicked on the link, he was taken to his own music video of "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Astley responded with a "clapping hands" emoji.

As for theMalleableDuck, he could not believe he pulled it off and called it the highlight of his life.

rick Astley rick rolled

Astley absolutely loved it.

He posted another comment thanking everyone for the kind words and then called out theMalleableDuck.

rick Astley rick rolled

The Reddit post is one of the top posts ever with more than 438,000 upvotes.

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