DoorDash Driver Working On Christmas Eve Leaves Letter In Customer's Mailbox

January 5, 2023

Be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle.

This DoorDash driver took the time to write a thank-you letter to a customer after receiving a big tip on Christmas Eve.

The customer, Vivica, tipped $100 on a $60 order.

door dash thank you letter
Credit: u/southwesthex on Reddit

The letter reads:

"My name is [hidden for privacy] and I have been delivering with DoorDash since October due to job loss. I have delivered to your home many times and I recognize your name as it is uncommon.

On Christmas Eve I decided to Dash to pay for a tank of gas. I got 3 orders that night, the final was yours. Your generous tip baffled me. I must admit I cried the entire way home and held my three children very close that night.

I told them how important it is to be kind to others and be generous when you can; that doing so could make someone's day, and to never expect gratitude in return. However, I made sure that they knew to always show appreciation for others gratitude and I mentioned your name (without anymore details).

We are so very grateful for you and your kindness. Thank you, from the bottom [of] our hearts."

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