Woman Finds This Note On Her Door After A 'Strange Man' Walked In Her House

December 22, 2022

A "gang" of children have let this single mother know that they have her back.

She recently found this letter on her door after a "strange man" walked into her house.

"My mom has a lot of kids on her street and they put this note on her door after seeing my dad go into her house."

kids letter to single mom
Credit: u/olliepots / Reddit

The letter reads:

"Ms. Karren we saw a strange man walk in your house and we would like to know if you are ok. If you are then text me mom."

They signed it "Love, The [removed for privacy] gang".

"My parents don't live together, and my dad does look strange lol," the son said, adding that his father does look "homeless".

The mother said: "I heard knocking on my door and when I went to answer no one was there but this message was attached to the door. I went out and saw five kids standing in my neighbors yard and I said did y'all put this here and they said yes ma'am and they said we saw a strange man going into your house and we got worried if you were OK. I just thought it was the sweetest thing ever."

The post has received more than 60,000 likes on Reddit.

"Don't fall for it. Gangs always come for protection money," one user commented.

"This is so great! What a sweet group of kids!" wrote another.

"I like how it's three different handwritings. Three kids wrote that letter."

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