Woman Taking Her Dog Out To Potty Ends Up Leading A Police Raid

December 16, 2022

Taylor Lumpkin was just trying to be a good dog mom and take her pup out to potty early in the morning.

It turned into a morning she will never forget.

woman walking dog swat team raid

Lumpkin posted a series of TikTok videos about the experience.

She said she took her dog Gracie out to the bathroom around 6:00 a.m. before work. That's when she came across a man who was trying to get into her apartment building with a key fob that wasn't working.

He showed Lumpkin his badge and asked if she could let him in on the other side of the building. When she opened the door for him, the officer told her to keep it open while he went to get something.

That something? 15 to 20 armed ATF officers in full tactical gear.

@tayylumpp Never a dull moment living in good ole MKE 🙃 #fyp #feds #police #Milwaukee #searchwarrant ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

"The head honcho of the group, who I originally met in the beginning, finally comes back and then he's like, 'Alright, let's go'," Lumpkin said in a follow-up video. "And they all looked to me to lead them."

So, Lumpkin and Gracie led the ATF officers to the floor they needed to be on.

"I don't know why my dumba** decided to go... I took charge."

@tayylumpp Just call me Lt. Lumpkin from here on out 🫡 #fyp #police #AFT #policeraid #apartment #dogsoftiktok #kimpossible #explanation #storytime #icantmakethisup #wtf #milwaukee #wisconsin ♬ original sound - Taylor

The person the officers were looking for was staying with someone who was living in Lumpkin's apartment building. Lumpkin said in another video that the suspect was not in the building during the raid.

The videos she posted to TikTok have racked up millions of views on the social media platform.

"Lieutenant Lumpkin & Agent Gracie at your service," she wrote in another video, introducing her pup for the first time.

@tayylumpp Lieutenant Lumpkin & Agent Gracie at your service 🫡 #badboysforlife #feds #ATF #Gracie #WhoYaGonnaCall #storytime #update #CIA #FBI #Police #Wisconsin #Milwaukee #SomeoneTakeMyPhoneAway #JesusFixIt ♬ オリジナル楽曲 - DJ AcCHI/ZoMake it - DJ AcCHI/MusicLover

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