The Flight Was Cancelled, So 13 Strangers Rented A Van And Went On A Road Trip

December 8, 2022

Frontier Airlines canceled a flight from Orlando to Knoxville on December 4th, so 13 strangers decided to rent a van and drive from Florida to Tennessee.

One of the passengers, Alanah, documented the trip on TikTok.

In her first video, she had everyone introduce themselves.

@alanahstory21 I cant make this up. Road trip! 🚐 @The Farm Babe @StarrPuck @doerksen92 @Renee @robinwharton976 @CozumelAutentico ♬ original sound - Alanah

Three hours into the trip, Alana gave fans an update.



♬ original sound - Alanah

And the grand finale. They made it!

**Warning: strong language in final 10 seconds of video (Renee)**

@alanahstory21 Replying to @lul.ken and thats a wrap folks! #roadtrip ♬ original sound - Alanah

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