This Neighborhood Made A Memorial For The Neighborhood Cat

November 19, 2022

A neighborhood in Los Angeles made a memorial for the neighborhood cat that so many people loved and helped look after.

A TikToker stumbled across the memorial, which had photos of the beloved cat, a message board, and goodbye letters written by community members.

memorial for neighborhood cat
@loveyouritual / TikTok

"I just walked up to this house and there's a memorial for this neighborhood cat -- and it says that the family that took care of her passed away and everyone else in the neighborhood just took care of her," Erin said in the video.

@loveyouritual don't let news stories and media make you think people are inherently bad... they're not. I love reminders of how good and caring people can be 💖 #loveyouritual #cancermoonvibes #neighborhoodcat #RIP #lostangeles #blackcatsoftiktok #humanityrestored #blackcatsaregoodluck #community ♬ Graduation (Friends Forever) - Vitamin C

One letter read:

"Miss B

You didn't belong to anyone and you belonged to everyone. You touched our hearts and we looked after you. You were aloof but friendly, trusting of some, suspicious of others. Sometimes I saw you every day, you'd pass through my hard, sleep in the dirt, socialize with Dayna and some weeks I wouldn't see you at all.

You were streetwise, coyote smart, independent and communicative. I've known you for at least 14 years, probably many years beyond that. You were my friend. My constant. Rolly Polly, silky black fur, so soft. Sweet. Green piercing eyes.

When Kali passed, you hung out more in the yard. You even ventured into the house a few times. You were not one to be indoors. Many neighbors tried to make you a 'house cat'.You had no part of that. It wasn't in your nature. Wild and free. A girl that was aware of her surroundings. A free spirit who loved being connected with her neighbors.


When Luna arrived, you were more scarce. I know Luna wanted to be your friend. You were not so sure. Fidel fed you every morning at 5:30 when he left the house to go to work. Dropping a plate of food on the stoop. Your body clock connected with Fidel's. At 5 pm when he came home from work, walking up Mohawk from Sunset, you followed him home so he could feed you dinner. Eventually you adopted Fidel and Irma as your guardians.

You slept on the porch, you even would sleep inside their house sometimes. I'd see you so content sleeping in the dirt in their yard, sleeping on the hood of the car in the warm sun. I know a few street cats tried to take over your territory. They'd taunt you trying to get you to move on. You never did. You stood your ground. This was your neighborhood and you were not leaving. You were a fighter. Persistent to stay the queen bee.

Sometime ago, not sure of the timeline, maybe 1 1/2 years ago, you got injured. Maybe you were hit by a car. Maybe you fell and broke your hip. I tried to catch you once. You were not trusting of my intentions. I wanted the best for you. I struggled to make the right decision. I opted not to take you vet. You're body adapted and you persevered. You were able to move freely and swiftly.

About 6 weeks ago it became apparent that your health and welfare was declining and in jeopardy. On January 25th, I saw you struggling, you stared into my eyes, you were meowing and I knew it was time. You came to me, allowed me to pick you up, without struggle. I whisked you up, told you I loved you and was here to help.

At 7:55 January 25, 2022 you were set free from your body. You will continue to be the free spirit that you always were. Miss B, B-Char, Beyonce, BB. You had many names. Be free special one. You will always be remembered at Mohawk and Elsinore."

Another letter read:

"Sweet BB Beyoncé, Miss B, Our Neighborhood Girl, went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 25, 2022.

She lived in this house when she was a kitten, and when her family died, she took to the streets dividing her time between several households until she found a steady routine.

Some of us fed her, some of us sat in the sun with her and played with her paws. I think all of us talked to her because she always had very important things to say.

She liked to roll on the ground, covering her thick, soft coat with dirt and twigs, and didn't mind when I used my hand to brush her off, because she'd just do it all over again. She was funny and didn't like expensive food. I loved putting flower petals on her, and telling her how special and beautiful she was, because these are things a girl needs to know.

She would wait at our gates to greet us when we got home--every day like clock work she would let us pick her up, but not often. Her trust had been broken a long time ago but she was happy here on this block. She was streetwise and sweet as pie, and we loved her very much."

Erin said the memorial brought her to tears because it was "so special" and "beautiful".

"Don't let news stories and media make you think people are inherently bad... they're not. I love reminders of how good and caring people can be," she added.

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