A Wild Piglet Has Been Adopted By A Herd Of Cows In Germany

October 3, 2022

A herd of cows in Germany has adopted a lone wild piglet.

Photographer Julian Stratenschulte captured heartwarming photos of the unlikely "family".

Farmer Friedrich Stapel told the dpa news agency that he spotted the piglet among the herd about three weeks ago. It had likely became lost and alone when the rest of the wild boars crossed a nearby river.

Stapel said while he knows what extensive damage wild boars can cause, he can't bring himself to chase the animal away.

wild boar piglet adopted by cows
Photo credit: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa via AP

The piglet has been named Frieda and in winter Stapel plans to put it in the shed with the mother cows.

"To leave it alone now would be unfair," he told dpa.

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