Lovey The Moose Comes By For Friendly Visits To See Plumps The Cat

September 7, 2021

A wild moose named Lovey and a house cat named Plumps have formed an unlikely friendship in Alaska.

"They began a bond years ago that has grown to regular interactions between the two, including Plumps enjoying privileged access to Lovey's calves," Dan says.


A post shared by Dan (@akshiloh)

According to Dan, when Lovey rests near the house Plumps will lay with her. Lovey will also follow Plumps around the house until Plumps stops to acknowledge her by touching noses.

And he's got plenty of videos and photos to prove it on his Instagram account.

"Yesterday I heard my cat Plumps meowing towards the wilderness and his missing friend Lovey the Moose. Imagine my surprise when only moments later I heard footsteps, and then saw giant Lovey coming immediately to check on her best friend Plumps!"


A post shared by Dan (@akshiloh)

You can see more of Plumps and Lovey on Instagram @akshiloh.

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