Timelapse Videos Show How Much Your House Plants Move Every Day And It's A Little Creepy

May 11, 2020

Your plants are alive and move around in real time. We just don't notice it.

Plants are constantly moving toward the sun in a process called phototropism.

They also "sleep" which is a plant movement called nyctinasty.

"Nyctinasty is the circadian rhythmic nastic movement of higher plants in response to the onset of darkness, or a plant 'sleeping'," Wikipedia states. "Nyctinastic movements are associated with diurnal light and temperature changes and controlled by the circadian clock and the light receptor phytochrome. This is the plant sleeping."


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There has been plenty of research suggesting that plants are much more aware and alive than we think.

In a recent social experiment, school children were asked to compliment and praise one plant while the other was subjected to verbal abuse.

Guess which plant thrived?

Adweek reached out to the company conducting the experiment to confirm that the plants truly did receive the same amount of light, water and nourishment.

"We heard back from a creative at Ogilvy Dubai who reaffirmed that it was a legitimate project with both plants being treated the same except for the verbal messages," David Griner at Adweek said. "She says the agency is getting 'a lot of questions' about the project and admits she was 'quite impressed when I saw the results'."

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