High School Language Teachers Use Viral Meme To Create Hilarious Christmas Decoration

December 12, 2019

This French teacher and Spanish teacher at Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga, TN, collaborated on their door decorations this year and totally won Christmas.

language teachers funny christmas decoration
Credit: Valerie Silva

Valerie Silva and Bonnie Townsend have been teaching in their classrooms right next to each other for several years.

"We're good friends and we're good rivalries with each other so that's why this door is kind of funny because we do have little rivalries about who does what better so I'm saying 'Joyeaux Noel' and she's saying 'Feliz Navidad'," Townsend told WRCB.

The post has been shared by thousands of people on social media.

"I'm so glad that we went viral for doing something funny and not something offensive or stupid," Silva said.

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