'Let Me Tell You Who Is A REAL Hero': Upset Mom Thanks Organ Donor Who Saved Her Son's Life

December 9, 2019

The mother of a little boy named Kingston, who was born with a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia, posted this open letter to raise awareness and encourage people to become organ donors.

mom thanks donors for saving her son
Credit: Kingston the Biliary Atresia Warrior

This is what Lisa Marie wrote:

"I'm upset right now.

This is going to sound bad, but stay with me. I just saw a post by someone that went viral for buying a meal for a homeless person and taking a photo of it.

She had 600,000 some odd reactions to her post and thousands of comments basically hailing her a hero (don't get me wrong, it was nice).

It shocks me what goes viral these days. I've fed tons of homeless people and don't post a photo of it or look for some pat on the back. Do good things, be a good human. It's nice and touchy feely and gives you an "aww that's nice" feeling.

Let me tell you who is a REAL hero. The family that's grieving right now for their baby, and chose to give my son life in the moment they lost him/her. But, this post probably won't go viral.


Look at my son. He was dying. He wouldn't be alive until age 1 or slightly longer, without their act of kindness, without their sacrifice.

Those that choose to donate life are my heroes. You can buy a meal for a homeless person any day of the week. How often do you have the chance to save a life.

Most people in my life don't know I clutch my child and cry at least an hour a day, thanking God for sparing him. Thanking God for the donor family, and praying Kingston stays healthy. I cry for the babies that aren't getting their gifts in time. It's not fair.

Be a REAL hero. Be a donor.

Thank you donor family. I hope they see this. I hope they know I love them. He received his gift Oct 5, 2019 at UCSF. THIS IS WHO YOU SAVED!"

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