Top Two Charities With Amazing Online Donation Journeys

September 14, 2019

If you've been involved with e-commerce at some point of time, you'd be aware that features like basket summaries, progress trackers and guest check outs are extremely helpful in streamlining the visitors' path to purchase.

However, what to do when there isn't any product at the end of the transaction?

We are referring to charities that accept money from people in exchange of a promise that they will be putting it to some good social cause.

Here in this article we take you through top two charities that deliver an amazing online donation experience to the visitors.


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Let's acquaint you with the two charities now.

American Heart Association

Surveys have revealed that the majority of charities make online donors click at least 3 times or more in order to successfully make a donation. It's a major reason why people abandon the process. On the other hand, if you look at the donation page of American Heart Association, they offer an excellent example of how this can be counteracted. They use a simple one-page form and simplify the donation process by a great degree. Furthermore, the page automatically fills up multiple elements, with certain pre-set entries in order to reduce the load on the donor.

Research has revealed that suggesting the most frequently donated amounts can result in bigger donations. Many times people take the suggested amount as being the minimum, when they would have otherwise selected an even lower amount if they were given the choice. American Heart Association also has a well-integrated Amazon Pay feature too, which enables donors to pay with only a single click, provided they are already logged into their Amazon account.


Charity: Water

If you go through the overall design of the Charity: Water's website, you're most likely to be mighty impressed with their informative content, eye-catching images and pleasing design, all of which work together to nudge donations from the visitors. They make giving extremely easy, letting donors know that they can get involved in multiple ways.

The donate button can be easily spotted, along with a drop-down menu which instantly tells you that you have multiple options. One of the reasons why many donors like this charity is because of the choices they offer, other than how much and how often you can donate. They employ an enthusiastic and fun tone to encourage people to raise funds in multiple ways.

In fact, they go to the extent of allowing and helping you set up a customised campaign for fundraising purposes. People who are extremely busy can make use of their ready-made campaign page and ask for donations rather than gifts on occasions like birthdays! How innovative!

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