Move Over Bananas, The Pickle Split Has Arrived

May 9, 2019

The owners of a coffee house in Festus, Missouri, never imagined they would go viral over a pickle split.

Now, foodies from all over are finding their way to Pine Mountain Country Coffee House to try this bizarre take on a banana split.

pickle split
Credit: Pine Mountain Country Coffee House

It all began when store owner Deanna Farrar was 17-years-old. She accepted a dare to eat a pickle on her scoop of strawberry ice cream, which was drizzled with chocolate sauce. Surprisingly, she loved it.

32 years later she decided to put it on the menu. And it's been a huge hit.

"It was just something fun. It looked pretty. I took a picture of it and it got shared and we thought, 'Oh it will go away.' It didn't go away," said Farrar.

Watch the video below.

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