Manicured Beards & Acrobatic Yoga: Do Hipsters Want to Rule The World?

February 25, 2019

The counterculture of hipsters is still quite present in today's world. Not only have hipsters distinguish themselves with their unique style and outlook, but their way of life has also become quite popular. Ironically enough, people who are claiming to be against everything mainstream have become completely mainstream. In this article, we will briefly explore the hipster phenomenon and talk about some of the most pursued activities among this group of individuals.

Beard & Mustache

Long, overly cared-for beards are one of the most notable trademarks of a male hipster. However, just growing a beard is not enough. You have to maintain it and keep it neatly manicured in order to have a "proper" hipster look. People use different beard products to achieve this. One of the best shampoo for beard right now is HiLée, but there are many good alternatives that you can order online as well.

Some hipsters shave their beards and opt-in for mustache instead. They usually go for the vintage 1920s sort of upper lip facial hair style with pointy ends, which also requires some cream or a gel. They don't go overboard with it like Salvador Dali, for example, but their mustaches look bushier and are shorter. It can look quite cool, to be honest.

If you're afraid that grooming your beard is not masculine enough or that it's too much of a hassle, you really shouldn't be. Beard and mustache grooming has become a norm in recent years, and men are not hesitant anymore as to experiment with different beauty products.

Acro Yoga

Practicing yoga is popular regardless of your taste in fashion or anything else. People with different backgrounds from all across the globe do yoga, so it can't be said that this activity is strictly for hipsters. However, as they are interested in unconventional stuff, many of them do what's called acro yoga.

This type of physical practice combines yoga with acrobatics, while there's also a little bit of Thai massage involved in the mix. You too can try this if you want, and maybe the best way to sign up for acro yoga workshops is through Zing Events. A good thing about yoga, in general, is that you can do it anywhere you like. You just need to find a trained instructor to start things off and you're good to go.

Veggies and Vegans

Only a few decades ago, not many people thought about nutrition as they do nowadays. If you want to look good and remain healthy, you better watch what you eat. Vegetarians choose not to eat meat, while vegans don't consume anything that has animal products in it, like milk or fat.

Apart from believing that this type of nutrition is better for their health, people also think it's unethical to eat murdered animals. Hipsters are usually very open about their social awareness, and they tend to do activities and mold their lifestyle according to modern standards and trends of social awareness.

Being vegetarian or vegan falls into this category, and you can say that hipsters had an important role in popularizing it. There are many restaurants you can find that are exclusive to non-meat eaters, and more often than not you will run into one or two hipsters inside them.

Independent Retailer Clothes

Wearing labeled clothes is a big no-no in the hipster world. Following the latest fashion trends and wearing something new and fresh is the opposite of what you can expect from your average hipster. Instead, finding the most obscure skinny jeans and jackets is the way they role. They usually buy them at independent retailers or second-hand shops. The same goes for footwear. You won't see many hipsters rocking Nike or Adidas, as they prefer vintage cowboy or combat boots, usually in beige color.


Whether hipsters like to be in the center of the attention or are just expressing themselves through fashion and lifestyle it's up for debate. The bottom line is that they do represent something of a phenomenon in a modern world and that their unorthodox habits can teach us "normies" a thing or two about the alternative ways of living a life.

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