Mom Learns Advent Calendar Candy Her Daughter Was 'Eating For Days' Is For Cats

December 22, 2018

A little girl found out the advent calendar treats she'd been eating for days were actually for cats.

mom gives daughter cat treats 11 days advent calendar
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Alissa Evans, 9, had complained that her advent calendar chocolates tasted funny but her mother, Jess Evans, assumed she was just being picky.

"I was in shock and felt like the worst mother ever when I realized I'd bought her a calendar for cats," Evans told Entertainment Daily.

"Alissa had said they looked a bit green but I thought they were probably just apple-flavored ones and didn't think anything of it. She said they tasted a bit strange, but hadn't said they were horrible, so I just forgot about it."

mom gives daughter cat treats 11 days advent calendar
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

"Alissa hadn't been eating them for a few days and when I asked why she brought the box over to me," Evans recalled.

"I remember thinking they did look a funny shade of green and didn't have a chocolatey smell. When I turned the calendar over and read that it was yogurt and catnip flavor I couldn't believe it – and that it had taken 11 days for us to notice."


Evans explained she was shopping with all three of her young children and in a rush when she grabbed the advent calendar and hadn't realized it was intended for cats.

"I was rushing around at the last minute with all three of them Christmas shopping and went into B&M where all the advent calendars were and picked it up without reading it.

When I looked at the box I couldn't believe it. I have a degree in English literature and creative writing but still couldn't read a calendar and it had taken me 11 days to realize.

Once she got over the shock she found the funny side of it. Thankfully she's absolutely fine and I've checked online that she will be ok."

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