Family Welcomes Home Mom With Hilarious Sign At Airport

June 15, 2018

When Barbara Nielsen left town for a week on a business trip, she never expected she'd get the 'Welcome Home' greeting she received from her family that day.

Imagine her surprise when she caught a glimpse of her son holding a "Welcome Home From Prison Mom" sign!

 welcome home from prison mom sign at airport

Her husband, Brandon, said he was inspired to make the sign after seeing a similar sign on social media. He didn't tell his son what it said, he just gave him the sign to hold.

"I figured he'd try to make a big deal about it," Brandon said.

Barbara said she's had people from all over contacting her and telling her how funny it is.

The Nielsens say the sign acts as a powerful reminder to all of us to lighten-up and just have fun.

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