This Is Why Your Dog Sneezes When He's Playing Hard

June 1, 2018

My dog always sneezes on me when I play rough with her and it used to gross me out a little. I mean, who wants doggy snot all over their hands and face?

But after learning why they do it, I love her even more.

why do dogs sneeze when playing

Why would a dog need to sneeze during a bout of fun and excitement?

According to dog behavior experts, the sneeze is not because of allergies or an itchy nose. It is a signal to other playmates that they're just playing.

The sneeze tells us and other dogs that this is just play and helps keep it from escalating into a real fight.

why dogs sneeze when playing

You can also tell that your dog wants to play and not fight if he bows (front end down, rear end up).

It is a friendly gesture that invites another dog - or human - to play.

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