NYC Street Performers Offer Tip Money From Their Guitar Cases To Those In Need

April 29, 2018

Will Boyajian started a charity that uses busking and street performing to help the homeless.

The mission is simple: If you are homeless or need help, take as much as you need from the case.

street performers play for homeless hopeful cases
Credit: @hopefulcasesmusic

"Our musicians do not take money from the case, and they do not take a salary," Boyajian says. "We are New Yorkers who care and people who love to play music."

Boyajian says he is trying to make New Yorker's rethink giving.

"When I moved to NYC from little ol' Upstate New York the issue of homeless really bothered me. This was how I felt I could help. The point of this project was to change the way we think about giving, the homeless and poverty.

As anyone who lives in NYC or any major city knows, your options are either to ignore it, notice till it eats you up, or do something. This is what I thought I could do. These people in need are our neighbors and fellow New Yorkers, and I didn't wanna ignore them."

Learn more about Hopeful Cases on Instagram / Website.

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