Muslim Woman Describes How Police Treated Her After An Accident Near Atlanta

April 11, 2018

Amid all the 'hate' in media, a Muslim woman has praised Alabama police and paramedics for their kindness towards her after a car accident.

muslim woman praises police in south
Photos via Zanub Rizvi

Zanub Rizvi, a Muslim woman who lives about an hour outside of Atlanta, thought she'd share "something nice" on Facebook about Gwinnett County police and paramedics.

This is what she wrote:

"Today I got rear-ended while trying to make a left turn.

We live an hour outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

All the cops and paramedics who responded were white males.

Me, my daughter, and my mother-in-law were on our way to a religious gathering.

I was in a Pakistani suit, and my mother-in-law was in full Islamic headscarf.

It's obvious we are a Muslim family.

First cop to arrive asks if we are ok.

I tell him my mother-in-law has neck pain.

I open the car door and he sees my mother-in-law in hijab.

He says: 'I don't want to be disrespectful, Ma'am is it OK if I check your neck? (Turning to me) I don't want to be disrespectful.'

He was so worried he might offend us.

I translate for my mother-in-law and she lifts her scarf so that the cop can check her neck.

The paramedics that arrived several minutes later were equally gentle.

I was pleasantly surprised with the cultural sensitivity and courtesy shown by everyone.

Just thought that with all the hate being spread in the news, I'd share something nice."

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