This Police Officer Is A Shining Example Of What A Cop Should Be

November 29, 2017

Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock Police Department uses a different form of policing that isn't really well known. He does what is called Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.)

He spends more time with the community getting to know each member of the area he patrols and they get to know him. It helps create a trust between him and the community.


The police car, the badge, and the gun are only a fraction of what it takes to prove to kids that you are real, that you are human. As I've expressed before, as a police officer, you can't drive up & down the street for eight hours, with your window up & form a disconnect with the community. Park that car, get out, walk the streets, sit on some front porches & get to know people & their stories. Everyone has a story. I don't care if there are two kids out or two hundred, get out & engage & become a friend. That's the only true way that bridging the gap will take place. And another thing, don't become involved today, and then not show your face for another month. You can't be a fair weather friend. Show your face & be involved every single day. Kids recognize real. Believe that! 🙌🏽🙌🏽💙👮🏽🌎🚔 #Summer2K15 #CommunityPolicing

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Officer Norman visits neighborhoods after every shift with snacks and drinks and spends time with the kids who live there for at least an hour.

Sometimes he brings a football and plays a few games. In the summer when it's hot he brings slip-and-slides and water guns for the children and in the winter he brings them coats and sweatshirts.

Watch the video compilation below of Officer Norman's commitment to building strong relationships with residents in his community.

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