A Bear Armed With Two Guns Is On The Loose In Russia

November 26, 2017

In Russia, the bears hunt you.

In a story released yesterday by The Siberian Times, a wild bear allegedly stole two guns from a frightened hunter before vanishing into the Siberian forest.

bear armed with two guns on the loose in Russia

On November 16, a 57-year-old hunter staying in a remote forest cabin went to a nearby river to get water. When he returned he spotted a bear near his cabin.

To avoid an encounter with the wild animal, the hunter scurried off into the woods where he hid for several hours.

When he returned to the cabin, his bag and two guns were gone.

bear armed with two guns on the loose in Russia

The man says he searched for his belongings in the Taiga for several days but returned empty handed.

The bear is currently in possession of a Vepr rifle and an IZH shotgun.

Meanwhile in Bear News: Hunter disarmed.

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