A School In Canada Has Canceled Mother's Day Celebrations

May 10, 2017

An elementary school in Canada has canceled Mother's Day celebrations due to diversity, inclusivity, and so students without traditional families do not feel left out.

Roy Glebe posted a picture to Facebook of the letter his child was sent home with to publicly voice his concerns.

Canadian school cancels mothers day and fathers day celebrations
Facebook / Roy Glebe

"Had to post this. I think disappointed is an understatement," Glebe wrote. "This will be the first year that we don't get gifts crafted with love from our kids, and since we only have one little one now it makes it all that much worse. I don't understand why we, as Canadians, need to give up our traditions that have been passed through generations. I welcome all races and ethnicities, but forcing us to give up things that are important to us as Canadians is crap. And it doesn't even have anything to do with religion? You can't celebrate your Mom and Dad?"

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