Famous Casino Jackpot Winners In History

April 3, 2017

It's the dream of every gambler to land a big win that changes their lives some day. But of course those wins are not common, and can be far apart. However, this is not to say that gamblers always record losses in their lifetime of gambling. Most seasoned gamblers who do it for money end up making some money on the side. On the other hand, those who lose consistently do so because their main aim is to have fun and not make money. But it's certainly a big advantage for this category of gamblers if money comes along the way.

Thankfully, history has recorded some gamblers who got lucky to win life-changing sums of money. This is a short list of some famous winners in history.

Gloria McKenzie

When she hit the ultimate Jackpot of $590 million in 2013, she became the only gambler to have won that kind of money in the Powerball lottery. She managed to beat the odds of 1 is to 175 million as a result of buying a ticket at a local super market.

Conor Murphy

This man became the envy of the horse betting community when she scooped the ultimate jackpot which had been placed the previous year. The Cheltenham Festival is a very popular horse racing event in the UK. This event attracts many betting enthusiasts, and one of them was Conor Murphy who won £1 million after placing those bets around Christmas time in 2011.

Charlie Wells

This guy was a celebrity gambler at the time. In addition to this, Wells was a trickster who had also spent a fair length of time behind bars before visiting Monte Carlo with the proceeds of his loot in 1891. He began playing roulette with £4,000 and managed to secure over a million francs. That was a huge amount of money back then. Also, because this guy won all the chips, thus breaking the bank, the casino had to send for more money. Three days later, he returned and won another million Francs.

Don Johnson

This guy (not the famous actor) approached Atlantic City casinos in the year 2011 and managed to scoop a win of $15 Million. During his streaks, he only played blackjack. Surprisingly, Johnson is not known as a professional gambler. This jackpot came to him because he was incredibly lucky.

Peter the Norwegian

A Norwegian citizen known as Peter scooped a €5 million in 2010. He was playing a progressive slot machine like the ones found at Red Flush Online Casino. This was the largest jackpot ever won in a progressive slots machine at the time. Since then, there have been occasional wins, even larger than €5 million. That is why you should not get discouraged but play video poker at redflushcasino.com or any other online casino because the potential of hitting a jackpot even now is very real.

There are many other gamblers who, through strategy and luck, have managed to beat the casinos to win life-changing sums of money. So if you're playing with the ultimate goal of winning in mind, keep playing because you never know when luck will come your way.

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