Dad Shares Cute Photo Of Daughter Watching A Bee, Then The Truth Comes Out

March 28, 2017

A father recently shared this adorable photo of a little girl watching a bee nibble honey off her hand.

He wrote: "Daughter had a honey stick from the Farmer's Market and a honey bee decided to land on her. Before panic set in I explained to her that it just wanted to nibble the honey on her fingers and that it was her friend. Panic turned to laughter and she watched the bee until it flew away. Save the bees!"

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Then the replies started coming in...


"My mom said to me the same thing when I was about the same age of your daughter, I didn't move and I wasn't even afraid, the mother f**ker bee stung me in the face, the bee died and I looked like a monster for the rest of the day."


"I learned exactly how much of an asshole a wasp is last October. The little butt-turd landed on my face, so I stood there quietly waiting until it flew away.

Asshole stung me right on the eyelid when it decided to take flight. I hadn't even twitched. It probably just stung me to spite my face for not being food.

And it was a wasp, so I can't even take satisfaction in it dying."


"Yup. Had a honey bee land on my nose as a kid. Parents said to not panic, it won't sting unless it feels threatened.

The little f**ker stung the ever lovin' f**k out of my nose. Took forever to dig the stinger out and I have had a little lump on the tip of my nose because of it since I was 5."


"My mother said the same thing. 30 seconds later I get stung. I'll never trust my mother again."


"I remember when I was really young I saw a bumble bee laying on the sidewalk not moving so I picked it up because I wanted to save it and it stung me. Asshole."


"I was once helping a guy finding his queen, because the whole hive went off. It was in a tree and I grabbed my ladder and helped him up there. I've been around bees a lot, and I know their behavior, I still don't trust them. One asshole bee stung me in the hat, for whatever reason. This triggered other bees and one stung me in the eye."


"This happened to me and my mom said, 'Honey the bees just--' And I was too far away to hear her.

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