For Years Doctors Tried To Control Her Chronic Migraines. Then She Got Pregnant...

October 11, 2016

Starting at age fourteen I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. These are migraines which come with paralysis and other serious neurological effects and are a rare and misunderstood condition. Ten years later the migraines changed from only being bad once a month to being chronic. I had every day pain or serious neurological symptoms. For three years doctors tried to bring them under control. I was given dozens of medications, they tried Botox, nerve blocks and different diets. Nothing could stop them. Eventually only narcotics could slow them down enough that I was able to return to work.

Two or three years ago doctors started suggesting a new treatment idea: pregnancy. They predicted that the hormones from a pregnancy could act as a "reset" for my body. That it may stop the migraines completely. My husband and I were leery of course they wouldn't do a hormone treatment to mimic pregnancy, they wanted us to simply roll the dice.

December 23, 2015 the pain abruptly and completely stopped. A week later I called my friend on my lunch break and told her I didn't know what was "wrong". I wasn't in pain. I hadn't been in pain. Her response was simple "I bet you're pregnant." I took a home pregnancy test and sure enough I was.

At the first appointment the doctor gave us another surprise, twins. At seven months pregnant and still pain free the doctor gave us more good news, I probably wouldn't have another migraine again.

On my birthday this year I underwent a c-section and delivered two healthy and wonderful baby girls. Two months post partum and I am STILL pain free.

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Credit: Kate C. Thompson

My husband and I started calling our girls "magical unicorn babies" while in utero. They gave me my life back. I no longer need a wheelchair for activities outside my home. I no longer have painful twitches in my arms, legs and head. My service dogs, who once were ready to catch me if I fell are now finding themselves with a lot of free time.

At one time I only had thirteen pain free days over the course of three years. Next week I will celebrate three hundred days in a row pain free.

Written by Kate C. Thompson for Love What Matters

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