'And... No More Car Fighting': Dad's Solution To Stop Triplets From Fighting Goes Viral

October 5, 2016

Jake White found a brilliant solution to stop his triplets, Xavier, Stella and Jude, from fighting in the back seat of the car. He proudly showed off his quick fix on Facebook, resulting in the post going viral.

"And.... No more car fighting. The guys at the drive-thru said it was genius. A day in the life of triplets."

dad solution to triplets fighting in car

"I did it because there was snack-stealing going on and to a 2-year-old, that's the end of the world," White told TODAY. "The dividers are foam core, just strong enough to keep the kids separated. The kids aren't strong enough to break it from a seated position yet."

White says the dividers only took him five minutes to install. After completing the installation, White took his triplets on a drive, passing through a drive-through on the way.

"The guys there said they wished they had tried it and to let them know how it works out," said White.

"Guys, driving was so peaceful."

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