This 'Peaceful' Dead Squirrel Story Has Me Laughing So Hard

September 26, 2016

When the principal calls to tell you that your son has made her day, you get excited for the good news... Only to find out that the faculty has discovered a dead squirrel in his backpack.

When asked by the principal what possessed him to pick up this dead squirrel and store it in his backpack, my son replies with "I really wanted squirrel dumplings for dinner tonight."

Then, she asks if I actually want the squirrel to come home with him.

I had to explain that we are from the country, but we're not THAT country. (Sorry if any of you actually eat squirrel dumplings - I don't mean that to be offensive).

She said "it looked so peaceful lying there in his bag," then sent me this picture...

dead squirrel kid backpack funny story
Credit: Ladye M Hobson / Facebook

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