This Teacher Says Kids Are Too Spoiled Today, And Has A Message For Parents

September 21, 2016

Working with children for the past 16 years, Swedish teacher Jonas Harrysson noticed that parenting has seemed to take a sudden change into "spoiled" territory.

His observations conclude that the parents of today have been spoiling their kids and constantly servicing them to the point where kids are now used to being entertained and taken care of constantly.

Jonas made a social media post about his thoughts, pointing out three areas where he believes changes could be made in parenting...

teacher message on spoiling kids
Jonas Harrysson / Facebook

"I have worked with kids for almost 16 years and there are several things that I've noticed children are getting worse and worse at.

No.1. Children find it very difficult to be bored! There constantly needs to be something going on. Please stop spoiling and servicing your children. It's not dangerous for them to be bored sometimes.

No 2. I've met many parents who are soooo proud that their kids can read and count before starting preschool.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but reading and counting, they'll learn to do soon enough. Teach them instead to play, to be a good friend, and to share.

My third point is that many children find it difficult to show gratitude, both to other kids and towards adults. Can they get 'another one' is unfortunately often a first question – and 'we only get one!?' is a common complaint I hear.

What happened to PLEASE!? And thanks for dinner, and thanks for the ride, and so on?

I have no children at the moment, but if I do sometime in the future I plan to teach them to play, to be good friends, to show gratitude and to be bored from time to time. Once they've learned those things, then I'll teach them to read and count."

After his post went viral in Sweden, Jonas was interviewed by a local paper. He told them that he believes that spoiling children has quite the opposite effect that parents hope for.

"By spoiling them, we're doing them a disservice. Children have loads of imagination and we must not destroy it by constantly feeding them with ideas of things to do."

Source: Jonas Harrysson

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