This College Textbook Is Free If You Help Relieve The Misery Of The World

August 26, 2016

A college textbook at the University of Iowa is free for students, but asks for one small favor.

price of this book free

The photo (above) of the page in this textbook was shared on Reddit by a student, and it turns out to be legit. The text reads:

"If you have the time and opportunity to study abstract algebra, it is likely that you are not hungry, cold and sick.

This book is being offered free of charge for your use. In exchange, if you make serious use of this book, please make a contribution to relieving the misery of the world.

For example, you could make a financial contribution to an organization such as Unicef, Doctors without Borders, Partners in Health, or Oxfam, or to an equivalent organization in your country."

A little Google search and you will find the textbook is "ALGEBRA - ABSTRACT AND CONCRETE" Edition 2.6, by Frederick M. Goodman.

price of this book free pay it forward
University of Iowa

With the price of college tuition and textbooks being so high today, this is a nice reminder that there are still educators who care.

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