Dad Poses His Daughter As Snow White. Redditor Uses Photoshop To Make Pure Magic For The Family

July 23, 2016

A stranger on the internet saw a photo of a father holding his daughter dressed as Snow White in front of the evil queen and knew exactly what to do with it.

dad poses daughter as snow white photoshop
via reddit

The photo was submitted to Reddit's Photoshop Battles where people compete for the best recreations of an original photo. This contest was over quickly.

First, reddit user Oddbadger removed Dad from the equation completely to make it appear as if "Snow White" is floating.

snow white photoshop dad daughter
Credit: u/Oddbadger

Then, using his self-taught talent, he created this jewel of a photo of their little one that the family will love forever. 

dad poses daughter as snow white photoshop
Credit: u/Oddbadger

Amazing! The family saw the picture and loved it!

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