Japan Has Solved One Of Society's Biggest Problems With This Must-Have Handheld Device

July 5, 2016

Everyone loves the sensation of popping the bubbles in bubble wrap but then there's always that horrifying realization that the more bubbles you pop, the closer you are to having no bubbles at all.

You get to those last few bubbles and begin to pour over bubbles long popped in hopes of squeezing out that last little joyful "pop" until there is nothing left but to halfheartedly pop the last of your bubbles.

The Japanese understand our pain and have come up with a solution: infinite bubble wrap.

infinite bubble wrap Japan invention

This device, called "Mugen Puchipuchi," is a silicone toy designed to mimic the sensation of popping bubble wrap for an infinite number of times. That's right, bubble wrap that NEVER ends!

Watch a video of it in action below:

As a bonus, every 100th pop, it surprises you with a random noise. You can purchase the toy on Amazon.

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