Someone Wrote This Poem And Left It Where A Homeless Man Slept

May 30, 2016

Near a park bench lies this piece of paper surround by stones, as if a gravestone for a homeless man who passed away.

letter for homeless man grave

It reads:

Here a stranger slept his last sleep
Lay covered by a white sheet
Old runners peering out from beneath the still form
I wondered how he had found his way here, to this place
Wondered how long had he traveled and what paths had led him here
Wondered was he loved? Have a family that will mourn his passing?
Friends that will cry for him?
Or was he so lost that these things were long gone from him
I will light a candle for his soul and hope that his passing was gentle
I will find comfort that it was here
Where the soft breeze moves gently through the gums
Where the noisy chatter of the lorikeets fill the trees
That it was here
That he lay down to sleep his last sleep

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