The World's Chillest Squirrel Is Living The Dream Eating Corn From His Lawn Chair

May 25, 2016

Now here's a squirrel who's got it good - a whole ear of corn and a lawn chair to eat it in.

squirrel eating corn in tree from chair
Credit: Sandy Lett McCoy

Sandy McCoy says she has a handful of squirrels that frequent her backyard to eat corn from one of her four feeders.

"Yes, they are some big ones," she wrote.

squirrel feeder that is a chair and corn holder
Credit: Sandy Lett McCoy

Sandy's chair feeders were custom designed by a friend, but a simple Google search will give you plenty of feeder options for around $15.

squirrel corn feeder chair tree

Just think, all day long your neighborhood squirrels can sit in a tiny chair snacking on corn on the cob, too!

best squirrel feeder ever
Credit: Sandy Lett McCoy

And of course, Sandy shared an accompanying video so we can all experience the cuteness.

(h/t) Yahoo!

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