When Two Puppies Fell Into A Well With A Cobra, Something Very Unexpected Happened

April 26, 2016

In India, where this occurred, the king cobra snake is known as lethal, capable of killing an elephant in a matter of hours. But something amazing happened when this cobra accidentally met two puppies.

While deadly, one of the world's deadliest predators acted more like a concerned parent then a venomous attacker.

cobra protects puppies in a well

After the two puppies fell into the well, they faced this known killing machine. When the mother of the pups ran to the well and started barking, the owner immediately approached. He noticed it appeared the snake was protecting the pups by not letting them cross to the other side of the well. On that side, the two puppies were in danger of drowning.

The puppies and the dangerous reptile spent 48 hours together trapped in the well. During this time, the cobra calmly remained next to the puppies. As the forest department arrived, the cobra moved to the other side of the well.

When the puppies were examined, they were found to have no injuries whatsoever from the cobra.

The snake was also released back into the wild.

Sources: love what matters, youtube.

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