When People Are Grieving, Do Not Throw Your Story On Top Of Theirs

February 4, 2016

It's never easy finding the words to say to someone who's grieving. But death is a part of life, so here's good advice we think everyone should follow...

grieving advice

When people are grieving, do not throw your story on top of theirs.

Sympathy is the ability to express 'culturally acceptable' condolences to another's plight.

Empathy is the ability to place yourself in someone else's shoes and understand relate as best as you can to how that person feels in the situation.

Don't assume that you know what others feel – listen to what they say, and remember to listen closely.

It's also important to understand the circle of grief:

Draw the event/person who is suffering. If "X" has died, put "X" in the middle. Then draw a circle around "X" - that's their immediate family, their life partner, the people who are suffering the most. Then draw a circle around them - that's their closest friends. Then draw a circle around them - extended family, coworkers, etc. Find your place on the chart.

Always support inwards, and dump out.

Credits: ECWfan443, Artist_1

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