Her Husband's Deployed. When Her Son Shows Her This, She Cried All The Way Home

February 2, 2016

Six year-old Connor wants his father to know how much he loves him even though he can't be with him at the moment. When Mom picked Connor up from school, he showed her this:

hands for military dad and letter

She shared the heartwarming story on Facebook:

"My husband is currently deployed. I picked my 6 year old son up from kindergarten yesterday afternoon. On our way home I hear his sweet, excited voice from the backseat say 'Oh! Mommy! I have to show you something I made for daddy!' He pulls out these two hands attached with yarn. I said 'What are these?' and he said 'They're for daddy, when he needs a hug!' As I drove home, I cried. We are going to mail these to his daddy with this letter he wrote him."

via love what matters

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