Do You Hate The Sound Of Chewing? THIS Is The Reason Why!

December 15, 2015

If you think the sound of chewing is one of the most annoying sounds on the planet, you're not alone. People who complain about others chewing are not merely being difficult to be around, the sound is literally amplified in their brain to such a level that they cannot ignore it.

sound of chewing creative people
Credit: naturalwellnessgirl

The same thing can happen with the sound of someone clicking their pen or tapping their feet. This sound is not only annoying, it can drive some people into an uncontrollable rage. This neurological disorder is called "mysophonia" or the hatred of sound.

The condition comes from the central nervous system. It is hard wired to auditory stimuli in a negative way. This causes an individual suffering from the disorder to feel panic, disgust, or anger. They can even experience a "fight or flight" sensation or an anxiety attack.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing to suffer from. This disorder may mean that the one suffering from it is more creative than most.

Northwestern research provides the first physiological evidence that real-world creativity may be associated with a reduced ability to filter "irrelevant" sensory information.

Basically, those who are naturally creative have a harder time blocking out annoying sounds.

Learn more in the video below!

(h/t) david wolfe

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