Your Ugly Old Sweaters Could Mean The World To A Shelter Pet

November 17, 2015

If you're still hanging on to an ugly sweater that's taking up space in your closet, why not make a real difference and donate it to your local animal shelter?

donate ugly sweaters to animal shelters
Credit: Jessica Fuller/ Johnson City Press

The Washington County Animal Shelter in Tennessee is just one of many shelters that keeps its residents cozy and warm over the colder months by giving them little sweaters made from people's unwanted winter clothing.


Fortunately, transforming an old sweater into a dog sweater is a rather simple task. And a single sweater can be used to make up to three separate dog sweaters!


"We never have enough of the bigger sweaters, so we can use any amount of them."


Dogs at the Washington County Animal Shelter aren't the only ones who'd be happy to wear recycled sweaters. Countless shelters across the country would be thrilled to receive donated cold weather clothing for their pets.


(h/t) The Dodo.

Contact your local animal shelter to find out more ways to help!

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