He Called Her 'Sir' And It Hurt Her Feelings. After Her Shift Ended, She Found This Waiting For Her

November 14, 2015

A woman who just completed chemotherapy had her feelings hurt at work. Her son shared:

"My mom recently completed chemotherapy and her hair hasn't come back fully yet. She works at Giant and has been wearing a beanie. A guy walks passed her and says, "Excuse me, Sir" which really hurts my mom."

Once he realized his mistake, he apologized profusely and then walked away.

Later, after her shift ends, she is told the man left her something at the customer service counter.

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The card reads:

"I am truly sorry for what happened tonight.

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely apologize for what I said.

Please stay strong.

- John"

Thank you, Sir, for being a good and decent person.

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