A Father And Son Dressed As Each Other For Halloween. The Result Is Breaking The Internet

November 4, 2015

A father and son decided to dress up as each other this Halloween and the result is uncanny. Can you tell which one is the original photo?

father son Halloween costume swap

The side-by-side pictures were posted by Reddit user Jschu2711 to the image sharing community Imgur.

Enough torturing yourself, here's the same photo with labels at the bottom:

Halloween father son swap
via imgur

Even with the labels, it still took me a few minutes to really comprehend.

Thousands of Reddit and Imgur users were baffled and delighted.

"I'm still not sure it's not the same pic in both frames," one user commented.

"Brain.exe is not responding," another user responded.

Thanks Jschu2711 for the upload. Share this with friends if it caused your brain to shut down too!

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