This Man Was Born With A Rare Birthmark That Looks Like He's Turning Into A Werewolf

August 31, 2015

Zhang Hongming from Chongqing, South-eastern China, has a very large and rare birthmark that looks like a man going through a werewolf transformation.

wolfman birthmark

The exact cause of most birthmarks is unknown, but vascular birthmarks are not hereditary. They are thought to occur as a result of a localized imbalance in factors controlling the development and migration of skin cells.

man with werewolf birthmark

Congenital melanocytic nevus is a type of melanocytic nevus (or mole) found in infants at birth. Occurring in about 1% of infants in the United States, it is located in the area of the head and neck 15% of the time, but may occur anywhere on the body.

man with werewolf birthmark

It may appear as light brown in fair-skinned people, to almost black in darker-skinned people. Coming in a variety of sizes and appearances, they may be irregular in shape and flat, or raised and lumpy in appearance and feel.

man with werewolf birthmark

I imagine it's difficult to explain his condition, but if he dates people who are really into fantasy his life is SET! Unless, of course, they're Team Edward.

(h/t) Wacky Owl, YouTube

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