Panda Outsmarts Humans, Fakes Pregnancy To Get Better Food

August 28, 2014

Experts believe panda Ai Hin may have faked her pregnancy after learning she would get better treatment.

panda faked pregnancy

Chinese keepers got very excited after Ai Hin started showing signs she was pregnant, including moving less and initially having a smaller appetite. They even prepared a film crew for the birth.

panda faked pregnancy
One of Chengdu's successes (cub)

Tests, however, revealed that Ai Hin was never pregnant. Experts believe she was putting on an act to get pampered.

Previously, the giant panda had been moved into a single room with air conditioning while pregnant. The pregnant Pandas also receive more buns, fruits and bamboo.

It appears Ai Hin is "smarter than the average bear!"

Source: Sky News

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