This Mom Didn't Sell Anything At A Craft Fair So Twitter Bought Everything

December 6, 2016

A couple weeks ago, Martyn Hett from Manchester, England checked in with his mom to see if she was having a nice time at the craft fair. She told him she was a little sad that no one was buying any of her stuff.

Feeling sorry for her, Martyn tweeted the picture of his mom's stall at the craft fair.

Not long after Martyn tweeted the picture, a friend bought a glove monster from her Depop page.

One purchase turned into three.

Three turned into nine.

And before she knew it, Martyn’s mom, Figen, had a lot of work to do to keep up with demands!

And since the story has gone global, requests have been coming in from far and wide.

The reactions have been great.

Since becoming a viral hit, Figen even bought a book to help her connect with her fanbase on Twitter.

If you fancy logging onto Figen’s Depop page to buy something, you might have some trouble because it's SOLD OUT!

mom craft goes viral after son posts tweet

But don't worry, Figen will be updating her page ASAP!

(h/t). Follow Figen on Twitter. Visit her Depop page.

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