5th And 6th Graders Donate Class Trip Money To 1st Grader Who Lost Mom To Cancer

November 7, 2016

A group of elementary school students are making a big sacrifice to help another student who is going through a very tough time.

A first-grader at the Bath Village School lost his mother to cancer about two months ago. The boys and girls in the fifth and sixth grades wanted to do something special for him, and they did.

students give trip money to boy who lost mom to cancer

Every other year, the fifth and sixth-graders take a trip to Boston. They walk the Freedom Trail, ride the Duck Boats and even get a tour of Fenway Park. The classes started raising money last year, but the students decided to take the $1,500 they raised and give it to their schoolmate.

"Boston is a trip that they look forward to pretty much since kindergarten, and so for them to give up their trip, that's a lot for them, but they know what Sawyer's going through and what his family is going through," sixth-grade teacher Leslie Waterman said.

Since the story broke, someone started a GoFundMe page to raise money for these kind-hearted kids to still get their Boston trip.

In just two days, the $2,000 goal was reached and surpassed.

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