2-Year-Old Triplets And 3 Garbage Collectors Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever

June 3, 2016

Every garbage day, 2-year-old triplets wait excitedly for their garbage collectors - Andrew Black, Rob Whitmore, and Chad Cover - to show up.

triplets friends with trash men

"The crew gets out of the truck and they high-five the babies and give fist bumps and we talk,” their mother, Martha Sugalski, told Buzzfeed. "They spend 10 to 15 minutes with us every Tuesday and Friday."

The crew became acquainted when the triplets, Holden, Heaton, and Wilder, were just 2 months old. Martha would walk them around their Florida neighborhood in their stroller. She would wave to the crew as they drove by.

triplets friends with trash men

"After a couple months, the garbage truck would beep the horn and the babies would look at the truck, and then Andrew would wave and say 'Hi babies!' from the window. Eventually, he'd stop the truck, get out, take off his gloves, and say hi to the babies."

triplets friends with trash men

Martha added that her daughter, Holden, is particularly close with Rob, which she believes is because they are both on the quiet side.

"She's always the last one to come running down the driveway, but she goes straight to Mr. Rob every single time," she said.

triplets friends with trash men

Though Andrew has been off work due to an injury, he still goes and visits them.

"I just love the triplets. I almost feel like they’re my own," Andrew told Buzzfeed. "Every time I see them, they just bring me joy."

triplets friends with trash men

Martha posts videos of the six best friends on Facebook, and millions of people have watched them.

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